Ep. 004 – Vegan Makeup Marathon


This is the Vegan Makeup Marathon.  However, we’re also going to talk about some of my favorite summertime recipes, and a couple of cookbooks.  I’ll tell you about the letter I wrote to my local newspaper, a fun, new vegan podcast, and some free vegan apps.  We’ll also talk about some great beach reads,  and some books for kids too.  All kinds of good stuff.  MAKEUP LISTED BELOW IS NOT IN ORDER OF MY FAVORITES, but they are all Thumbs Up.   For discussion of favorites and individual colors, please listen to the show.

Table of State Laws That Protect Animals in Parked Cars.
Humane Society Flyer:  Don’t Leave Your Pet In A Parked Car.
ASPCA Flyer:  Pets In Hot Cars
Companies That DO Test On Animals.   Companies That Do NOT Test On Animals.
The Body Shop vegan policy.    Animal Ingredients List.    Happy Cow Animal Ingredient List.    Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.    Buycott app.    Cruelty Free app.   Animal Free app.    Leaping Bunny Logo.    Peta Cruelty Free Logo  and  Cruelty Free And Vegan Logo.

BLUSH.  Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher –  832E and 833E.    e.l.f. Studio Blush – all colors.
BRUSHES.  e.l.f. brushes – Studio line only!     EcoTools Makeup Brushes.
FOUNDATIONS.    Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Foundation.    Zuzu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation.    Zuzu Luxe Oil-Free Liquid Foundation.    Wet n Wild Ultimate Match Foundation SPF 15.    Wet n Wild Intuitive Blend Shade-Adjusting Foundation+Primer.    Wet n Wild Coverall Cream Foundation.    e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation.
EYES.  Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner – 650D-663C only!
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio – 331, 380B and 385B only!
Wet n Wild Mega Protein Mascara.
Wet n Wild Mega Volume Mascara.
Wet n Wild  Mega Plump Mascara.   Be careful, not all Wet n Wild products are vegan and some of their mascaras are not vegan.
LIPS.    Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Pencils – 664C-666 only!
Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick – 505A-553B only!
Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color – 900B-919B only!  Mega Last Liquid Lip Colors are not vegan.   e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color.
MISC.  e.l.f. Essential Shine Eraser.    Eye Makeup Remover = coconut oil!    e.l.f. Essential Eyeshadow Applicators.    e.l.f. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder.
Crazy Rumors Lip Balm.
NAILS.  ZoyaNo MissWet n Wild Mega Last Nail Color.    Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail ColorZoya Remove Plus Nail Polish RemoverNo Miss Almost Natural Polish Remover.    Vegan Claws.     Vegan Claws Autumnal Manicure.

Wet n Wild Vegan List  (such as it is).  Please note that NOT all Wet n Wild products are vegan.

YOU TUBE:  Grace’s Most Used Vegan Products.    Make Your Own Makeup!
Raw Organic Makeup Tutorial.

BOOKS:   The Seal Wife  by  Kathryn Harrison.    Consumption  by  Kevin Patterson.
The Beginner’s Goodbye  by  Anne Tyler.    The Outside World  by  Tova Mirvis.
BOOKS FOR KIDS:   Unspoken  by  Henry Cole.  The Beetle Book  by  Steve Jenkins.
Stellaluna  by  Janell Cannon.


Tick Tock Organic Insect Repellent.    Tovolo Ice Pop Molds.

We talked about boycotting any events that exploit animals, such as Kentucky Derby parties, and I read the letter that I sent to my local newspaper on this subject.

We also talked about summertime recipes and cookbooks.  Grilled Portobello MushroomsBaked Corn On The CobGrilled Corn On The CobSuper Simple Raspberry Sorbet.

Mineral Fusion Vegan List as of June 18, 2013:  All  Pressed, Loose, and Sheer Tint Bases, Concealers, Mascaras, Eye Pencils, Shampoos and Conditioners Body Washes, and Blotting Papers.  Eye Shadows and Trios: Buff, Prism, Rare, Raw, Sultry, Imagine,  and Stunning.   Lip Gloss: Sheen, Captivate, Reflect, Enlighten, and Polished.   Lip Pencils: Burnish and Graceful.   Skin Care: Eye and Age-Defying Treatments, Renewing Facial Scrub,  Soothing Toner, Mattifying Oil-Control, Skin-Balancing, and SPF 40 Moisturizers, Intense Hydration Cream, and the SPF 30 Brush On Sun Defense.   Nail Polishes.   Please note that not all MF products are vegan!

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