Mock Crab Cakes

I got this recipe from Delicious Tv.  Living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where crab cakes are fresh and ubiquitous, I had my doubts about this recipe.  Once they were out of the frying pan, we doctored them up with lemon and vegan tartar sauce, and tentatively took bites.  Lars asked me, “Is there crab in here?”  I felt the same way; these are so good.  Make sure to press your tofu.  I pressed the tofu several times actually and the mixture held together really well.  I also have a TofuXpress.  One note is that I processed the carrot and other veggies in the food processor since I had it out and it saves time and gives a finer texture.  This recipe does make at least ten to 12 crab cakes, but you can put some in the freezer, and then microwave them after thawing, or heat in the oven.  I fry them before freezing.  To see another version of Vegan Crab Cakes that feature shredded zucchini, click here.

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