I know posts have been a little less frequent lately but there are reasons, one of them being the upcoming remodeling of our little kitchen and dining room, which are sort of across from each other.  This top photo is of my current dining room, before I began dismantling it the other day.  This room will get bumped out two feet toward the front yard (out the windows), and it will actually become the new kitchen.  The old kitchen is circa 1958, still has the original turquoise Formica counter tops, only a few lineal feet of counter space, and a funky smell from 50 years of God Knows What before we bought it.  The old kitchen will become the the new dining room, but that will be after the new kitchen is built.  So, I will be posting recipes as often as I can, but if I get down to one a week or something, this is why.  This second photo shows the notebooks where I keep vegan recipes that I come across, and want to try someday.  You can see the laminate floor that will get removed.  Also, the old pine paneling (that we painted white 9 years ago) will get removed.  It’s a gut job, Folks.  I’ve spent parts of the last few days packing up a LOT of glassware.  My Mom was an antique dealer and so I’ve been collecting vintage and antique glassware since I was a teenager, and also have a few boxes of it up in the attic still.  I’ve been taking a lot of other stuff from bins in the attic to local thrift shops and then filling those bins with stuff I want to keep from the dining room.  I’ve been getting rid of extra possessions in the last two months and it feels great.  I don’t think I could ever get to be a true minimalist but I’m moving in that direction where I want to keep only what I truly enjoy.  This remodel will be done in many stages that began last year and will continue well into 2012.   Now we are ready to build the new bump-out on the outside, beginning on October 3.  Then Lars will come in and start demolishing inside this old dining room.  This doesn’t even begin to entail what is going to have to happen in the old kitchen at some point, which will involve the removal of an old chimney, etc.  I’ve waited 9 years for a new kitchen, so I’m looking forward to it but also sort of hoping it goes quickly, because chaos does not suit me.  I was a military kid, and I had moved 11 times by the time I graduated high school, and just the sight of moving boxes gives me a bit of that old stress.  Also, I’ll be traveling up to NH soon, because my Mom had a heart attack last week, and just got out of hospital today.  So, please bear with me, and know that I will continue blogging delicious, vegan, compassionate food, right through the hullabaloo of remodeling.  One last note is that I am literally unable to “Reply” to comments on this blog, for some reason.  I see from the Help section on blogspot that others also have this problem.  I know I need to cut and paste some code but haven’t had time to figure it out.  I really want Minimalist Mommi and Mom of 2 Gremlins (Yo Europe!) and the rest of you who email me to know that I enjoy the comments!  I started this blog as a way to process going vegan and to figure out what in the world we were going to eat, but I’m continuing it because I want to help create the world I want to see!  Love, Amanda 🙂