My Life as a Turkey – a PBS film

The kitchen remodel here is moving along pretty well, so some days I haven’t had water in the kitchen, and tomorrow I may not have electricity or heat sometimes (if the HVAC guys finally show up), so cooking posts have been a bit light lately.  However, we are planning to feast on Thursday, regardless.  I want to remind everyone that there’s a special Thanksgiving category on this site, as well as  categories for side dishes, appetizers, desserts, football food, etc.    In the meantime, here’s a link to a great little PBS film called My Life as a Turkey.  There’s also a Home Page for this film and story.  Turkeys are intelligent and affectionate, and each is unique in their own way, just like people.  There are some youtube videos of turkeys reaching out to communicate, understand and show love to us.  They celebrate life and make an effort to live in harmony with others, as we all should do!