Candle Cafe West – New York City

IMG_0734   Vegan Mofo 2013.  Please excuse my absence from Mofo, but I’ve been in New York City for a few days, just got back last night.  On our first night there, we had dinner at Candle Café West, at 2427 Broadway, on the Upper West Side.  I booked our reservation through Open Table, which I do recommend.  We arrived at 6 p.m. and the restaurant was not busy yet.  There was no caffeinated iced tea on the menu, but our waitress poured a hot tea over ice for me.  Lars got a nice glass of wine, so he was happy.  We ordered two appetizers and split an entrée.   The food came out of the kitchen within 10 minutes after ordering!   I just wish I could go back and order some of their juices and salads (next time).   Let’s just get on with the review and photos below.

IMG_0737  The restaurant inside is sort of warm, cozy, clean, low lighting, lots of wood, wait staff in all black.  Do not wear your pajama pants here, but you would be fine in jeans and a decent shirt, or even all dressed up.

IMG_0739   Fried Seitan Dumplings appetizer.  The seitan was sort of ground up, very good.  I especially liked the still-slightly-crisp baby bok choy in a very light sesame-ginger soy-sauce.  You could also get these dumplings steamed instead of fried.  I liked these.  $13.

IMG_0743  Summer Rolls appetizer.  Pickled cabbage, carrots, zucchini, cilantro, BBQ-ginger seitan wrapped in rice paper with spicy peanut sauce.  Lars liked these.  $13.

IMG_0745  Seitan Piccata entrée with creamed spinach, mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes, white wine-lemon-caper sauce.  This is their iconic dish, so we had to try it.  Lars said this was the best thing he ate the whole time he was in NYC.  I liked it too and the texture was pretty spot-on, just like a classic paillard.

IMG_0750   Lars got the Berry Crumble dessert.  Seasonal berries, almond crumble, vanilla ice cream, berry coulis.  This was fine, and a nice finish, but it honestly could not touch my crumble.  $13.

 IMG_0752   Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Pie dessert.  Chocolate mousse and peanut butter, berry coulis and salted peanuts.  Not quite enough peanut butter for my taste, the peanut butter was overpowered, but the texture is amazing!   Surprisingly light but still rich.  $10.

IMG_0753  This is what you see as you come up the stairs from the restrooms.

IMG_0744  A view from our nice, quiet table.

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