Ep. 002 – Vegan Travel


Welcome to Episode 002 of the Peaceful Table Podcast, the Vegan Travel Show.  We discuss our recent road trip from Maryland to New Hampshire, to visit my family, strategies for vegan travel, recipes that travel well, and traveling with dog(s).  Commentary on the iconic vegan restaurants, bakeries and cafes along the way.  Other topics include getting organized in the pantry, the reality film Forks Over Knives, Pinterest, one of my new favorite cookbooks, Beyond Meat vegan chicken, a little bit of fiction, and some upcoming vegfests in Delaware.IMG_9704  As promised, here’s a photo of Ipo on the hotel sofa.

IMG_9794  Quart size canning jar with homemade label just under screw ring.  It helps to have a wide-mouth funnel for pouring flour, etc.

IMG_9790  Ball Blue Canning Jars with Zinc Lids.

Reality film/documentary:  Forks Over Knives.   Pinterest as a vegan recipe and information resource.   Talbot Humane.   The Dog Whisperer TV show with Cesar Milan.   Easy Walk Harness.  These harnesses can be found at pet stores and on amazon.com.   I recommended NOT buying greeting cards with photos of animals on them, to avoid animal exploitation.   Happy Cow as a travel tool.   Use the word “vegan” in searches or reviews on Trip Advisor.   Things to bring on a road  trip include:  dish soap in a small travel bottle, a small paring knife, cooler(s), icy bottles, jugs of drinking water, BPA-free water bottles, pre-measured laundry soap, dryer sheets, Trader Joe’s Go Raw Trek Mix, Twinings Oolong Tea, chamomile tea, your own pillows, granola bars, granola, and plant milks.   Our stops included Vegan Treats BakeryVeggie Heaven, X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery,  and Cafe Indigo.  Other places we like to go are Mapletree Farm, and Susty’s Vegan Cafe.

We used a GPS to locate rest stops.  On our old Garmin GPS, the commands are Where To, Points of Interest, Auto Services, and Rest Area or Tourist Info.

The highlighted recipe is a vegan chicken salad, using Beyond Meat vegan chicken, and here is a photo.IMG_9774

We discussed various vegan travel recipes, which are recipes with only a few ingredients, and/or recipes where you can throw all the dry ingredients in a container (don’t forget to bring the recipe itself) and pack it in your suitcase, and then just obtain one or two common/additional ingredients when you get to your destination.  We also discussed some recipes for Spring.

Upcoming events include Rehoboth Beach VegFest,  and  VegFest 2013 in Newark, Delaware.  Our highlighted cookbook this month is The 30-Minutes Vegan’s Taste of The East  by  Mark Reinfeld and Jennifer Murray.  My fiction recommendation is Ten White Geese  by  Gerbrand Bakker.  Here’s a youtube video to cure BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).  And here’s Alexander The Flirtatious Cow.